30 October 1983

Thoughts on ISP Topic: Feathers, Fringe and Frida: Cultural Re-Appropriation and the Aesthetics of the Counter Culture: The U.S. vs. Mexico.

Frida Kahlo and Freda Josephine Baker were two women iconic for their bold sense of self and assertion of their stylized bodies in racist, homophobic, sexist, and ablest context. They not only asserted themselves with strong personalities but with highly performative wardrobes that drew as much attention as their art.

The images on Pinterest will show a few images of the Zapotec styles that inspired Frida Kahlo, with visual comparisons made to the similar garments worn by Freda Josephine Baker. For this topic, I worked more so to explore what the aesthetics of highly vocal and self empowered, sex positives feminists would look like and how they are similar and inspired by matriarchal communities, such as the Zapotec. This is just the beginnings of a larger project, further explored in the artistic collaboration discussed in "Superheros."

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