24 July 2010

Project Broadway: Week 2

The second week of the Project Broadway featured five vignettes from famed pieces of American musical theater. For the second week's production,"Screen to Stage," the fabulous young women of MYOwn Image here in Bridgeport had their first taste of costume insanity as costume designers, assisting me with outfitting and wardrobing five costume sets for 19 young actors in 24 hours using some vintage, some refurbished, and some pre-owned actor attire.

More than serving as a program for aspiring costume designers, MYOwn Image has an opportunity for the sanctioning of that joyful American pasttime, Dress Up. Whether it was in an oversized menshirt or a 50s style dress, the young actors more than anything loved jumping in front of the camera, clad in some new fabulous garb, and experiencing life on the other side of another American sartorial world.

So when seeking to escape from the present and to visit another era of the past, merely follow the lead of these Bridgeport youth and look to the Costume Room.

Vignette One: Little Shop of Horror (circa 1950s)

Vignette 2: Annie (circa 1930s)

Vignette 3: Skid Row (circa 1980s)

Vignette 4: Hakuna Matata (circa centuries ago)

Vignette 5: You can stop the beat! (circa 1960s)

That's all folks :)

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