13 September 2010

Joining Forces with the Earth*Mama Tea Party!

Hello beautiful people,

Good news! reciclaGEM is now OFFICIALLY joining forces with its main sponsor, the Earth*Mama Tea Party. Soon enough. reciclaGEM is going to have a prime location on the E*MTP site front page, and all updates- from new pieces, updated collections, press, and articles on what this whole "vegan, eco-fashion stuff" means- will be available directly the E*MTP's official blog site.

The Earth*Mama Tea Party was founded as a blog dedicated to the Golden Age of Hip Hop as an artistic movement which highlighted mother nature, gender equality, and humane society in many ways like cultural movements preexisting it (a la Art Nouveau). Nevertheless, in terms of content and style, the Earth*Mama Tea Party has evolved to include more aspects of a cultural golden age- fashion, spirituality, herstory and overall self-love philosophy.

Thus in order to strengthen the movement, we are joining forces with the org. that helped us to grow.

So starting September 23rd, 2010, you can find updates on reciclaGEM here.

Thank you for your continued support. We look forward to building with you,

reciclaGEM-the movement

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