03 October 2010

A Reflection on Veganism

My veganism, my environmentalism, and my overall commitment to sustainability are all linked to one thing: my increasing level of consciousness. It's that level of consciousness cultivated through touching a couture dress created with the ancient craftsmanship of slow fashion, when realizing how vibrant my life became after transitioning to veganism, and when realizing the dire necessity for fitting prayer and exercise into my fashion schedule- by any means necessary.

Being a vegan ALONE does not automatically denote "sustainable" or "balanced. At times, the man-made material alternatives are more lethal to our eco-system than our animanl based ones.

And so more than just for veganism, my styling and fashion are segways into a greater path of consciousness in how we can make this "fashion stuff" more sustainable for the bodies that wear, the mind that is enthralled by it, and the planet that feeds it.

My own transition to veganism is just one part of the puzzle.

T* Conscioustylist is a new name that I've chosen for myself to reflect my commitment to the movement of fashion dedicated to the sustainability of your mind, body and the planet that feeds it.

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