25 February 2011

The Birth City of reciclaGEM: New Haven

View the flier that represents the two designs and the event that launched reciclaGEM. During the summer of 2009, I was hired as a consultant for Liberty Community Service's first fashion event project, after viewing a similar fundraiser that I produced in honor of them earlier that year.

Well, the project has grown and blossomed into an annual fundraiser event, to raise funds for an organization that has, for over thirty years, provided livelihood resources for New Haven residents who are homeless, living with HIV or in need of great public assistance, using the donated wears of the various fashionable woman of Elm City's social stratosphere and the nimble hands of the city's born/bred (or transplanted, in my case) fashion artists.

This upcoming Sunday, I, along with my reciclaGEM wears, will be strutting our stuff on back to the Elm City, the home of my alma mater, the birthplace of the gems, to check on the scene and potentially enter in the show once again this upcoming APril.

If you'd like to join us, let me know. We can get some tea on the way there :)


(Email: tamara@earthmamateaparty.com)

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