31 March 2011

We Are One: A New Haven is Possible

For this year's reciclaGEM project in New Haven's ProjectSTYLE show, I have chosen to meditate on unity. The organization for which this project was created is an amalgam of the faces and social identities that make up the Elm City. On one hand, the beautifully vibrant show represents a powerhouse of women and men who have been able to use their creativity, connections, and marketing prowess to pack the house of the New Haven Lawn Club for an important and brilliant project. On the other hand, the project is built on a foundation that provides hospice and new beginnings for men and women, born of this same elm, but facing homelessness, HIV, and have lives shaped and colored by all that comes with it.

These two worlds coexist. These two worlds are equally New Haven. Nevertheless these two worlds are really one world, one community, and one city as striated and crosshatched like the threadbare sketch of any American flag.

The inspiration behind the three pieces that I will create- and auction off- in support of Liberty Community Services was inspired by this juxtaposition.

And, inspired by the recent rally led by some phenomenal students/colleagues of my alma mater, this three-part style project is dutifully named "We are One."

We are One, in our beautifully, socially complex, funky, fresh resiliency.

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