10 April 2011

ProjectSTYLE, New Haven- in 4 Days!

If you're in the area, ProjectSTYLE and Liberty Community Services would love to see you. In four days, several New Haven based designers, alongside Emmett McCarthy, will be showcasing their designs- live.
Project Style 2011
April 14th @ The New Haven Lawn Club 5:30pm
to benefit Liberty Community Services
project style

You can also purchase tickets online, by using this link and registering:


For more information about Liberty Community Services, please visit: www.LibertyCS.org

And in four days, although not present live, reciclaGEM will release the three designs of capsule collection "We are One," which will be auctioned off in support of Liberty.

The online auction, as well as final images of the looks will be released on Friday, April 22nd (Earth*Day) until May 8th (Mamas*Day).

Sketches and auction link will be revealed at the show. Auction and final images will go live on the Day of Earth.

100% of the proceeds will go directly to Liberty Community Services.

In the present state of our country, U.S.of A, with an impending government shut down on the way, be the beautiful, vibrant change you already are and want to see. Organizations like Liberty are doing the work. reciclaGEM uses its threads to highlight it. Please support the movement.


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