08 April 2011

reEnvision: Shelter

What is supportive housing? It is a re-envisioning of shelter. It is not a temporary abode, a halfway house, or a room for rent. It is a space with resources that provide people tools for restructuring and creatively re-imagining healthy and independent lives. And there are organizations like Liberty Community Services and Common Ground that are doing the groundwork to create that.

When considering sustainability and what that has now come to mean in the design world, it is important to remember that its significance is not limited to repurposing old items and making them fashionable and new. It is about living in a way that feeds itself, is an engine unto itself and that is self-supportive.

If we want to change the world, then we must equip everyone with the tools to be self-sustaining. There are many a revolutionary with voices that fade into the distance if they are not replenishing their living wells.

How are you creating that self sustaining space for others? Are you supporting organizations that are actively providing spaces for people to rebuild their lives instead of just giving lip service to the homeless men and women who have to rest their head at night on concrete sidewalks and dirty alleyways? Are you creating these spaces yourself, opening your doors and caring for others by providing them with the tools to care for themselves?

My dear revolutionary, can your own lifestyle sustain itself?

A shelter provides a bed and some towels. Supportive housing provides the physical space alongside the programming to provide the "imagination space" for people to think more clearly and creatively about LIVING. It provides mini versions of the eco-friendly world our bi-continental nations- and world- is in desperate need for.

Let's build a house, y'all, that feeds itself from within.

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