14 April 2011

Thank You for Supporting ProjectSTYLE!

Firstly, thank you to all of you wonderful, beautiful souls who showed muito love and supported this evening's ProjectSTYLE for Liberty Community Services. Although not able to be present, I am grateful to all of you who attended in person or in spirit (and subsequently found yourself here at my website).

For all of those who were not in attendance, that is quite alright. There are still opportunities to support by either donating directly, or entering a bid on one of a reciclaGEM "We Are One" piece, handcrafted with so much love that I cannot even express in these digital words. You'll just have to see it on Earth*Day.

Earth*Day represents many things to me. The Earth inspires my design process, the Earth inspires the use of my materials, and the Earth houses our cities, our nations and our world.

In my previous posts, you got a sense of what underlying impetus drove me to create this collection: the desire to support an organization with my creative passion that I believe does the work that is essential. This is an organization that really cares about giving people a chance at re-owning their homes and their lives. And it gives support to those living with a range of realities from HIV to mental illness. Having watched my aunt pass from complications due to AIDS in 1997 and with years of knowing intimately many men and women in my life dealing with mental illness, I am indebted to the work of Liberty.

Through the end of the auction from Earth*Day to Mother's Day, I would like to share with you my creative process. I believe that the importance lies not in the garments alone but in a design process inspired and informed by social work it was created to support. Design, after all, was a process of artistry created for the specific purpose of re-envisioning problems and providing solutions."We Are One" is a set of designs created to serve a supportive role in the creativity of an organization already providing such solutions.

Join me on this journey as I reflect through my design process how we can more intimately use our time, talents, and energy to support organizations that have mobilized to do the work that unite our cities, our nations, and our world.

And thank you for your energy, your love, and for reading this. To you, I thank you, I love you, and I look forward to meeting you on the other side on Earth*Day :)

But here's a peek at what to expect....

"We Are One" Sketches + Design Ideas:

Piece 1 ("resilience") is a vested maxi silhouette created with a bodice of sewn together recycled charcoal gray shoe strings and maxi length bottom molded from mauve recycled dress pants and an underskirt of electric pink organic cotton jersey. This piece represents a composition of two worlds- a world of eco-fibers and maxi silhouettes representing the possibility of eco elegance with a world woven from old athletic shoe strings, thrift tuxedo pants, and threadbare dreams deferred but rewoven into a new tapestry of hope and resilience

Piece 2 ("haven") is an organic bamboo jersey knit maxi dress with a halter neck pieces created from tassles of recycled knit jersey t-shirt. This piece was created to represent the birth of possibilities of unity and joy in New Haven. This is the dress that Elm City's very own Mother of Nature would create and wear.

Piece 3 ("liberty") is a halter dress with a center yoke molded from upcycled turquoise linen and turquoise organic bamboo knit jersey. It is a malleable statue of liberty inspired by the symbol of hope that Liberty Community Services has served for this city.

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