03 May 2011

reciclaGEM featuring at the We Can Green Brooklyn! Eco Fair on Saturday!!

Hello hello hello! As the Liberty auction continues, I'll be gearing up for a fashion show this Saturday at the We Can Green Brooklyn Eco-Fair, taking place at the Holy Cross Auditorium and Yard in East Flatbush.

Neighborhood Housing Services of East Flatbush is doing some remarkable work helping to strengthen the community as not only a place of living, dwelling, and co-exising, but a place of creativity, eco-consciousness, and empowerment.

For their second We Can Green Brooklyn Eco-Fair, they'll have everything from presentations on eco-roofs to acupuncture, with some reciclaGEM threads sprinkled on top!!

So come out and support a wonderful, community building effort.

Festivities begin at 11am, and reciclaGEM shall rock out at 4pm.

Much love,

(Directions for all you pedestrian, public transit, saving their universe from the gas fumes earth*mamas/papis: Take the 2 train to Church, exit near intersection of CHURCH AVE (BOB MARLEY BLVD- luv it!) and NOSTRAND AVE (TOUSSAINT LOUVERTURE BLVD- luv it too!). Start out going West on CHURCH AVE (BOB MARLEY BLVD) towards LLOYD ST. Arrive at 2510 CHURCH AVE. And you're in there like bamboo swim*wear).

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