02 September 2011

It's Tea Time! Will reconnect soon!

For all great things, much like tea, preparation, brewing, distillation, and, above all, PATIENCE, is required. reciclaGEM is in the midst of expanding, growing, and preparing to launch anew in order to better serve its ultimate mission of using fashion as a galvanizing force of interregional social change.

So, it's time for us to take a bit of our own afternoon tea to get the gears in motion. We will re-launch our new site and reformed mission in December (a very special month, the reasons for which shall be revealed shortly :) ).

If I feel uber anxious to tell you something, yes, there will be post here, and there will be a post there. But stay tuned otherwise for some great work in the coming months.

To stay in touch and receive invitations to the events and functions that reciclaGEM will be apart of between now and then, please email me at info@reciclagem-themovement.


Ate o dezembro!

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