13 November 2011

Chicago Thrift | Quinoa on Ice

Last week, reciclaGEM got a taste of Chicago. I was there on some other business, but of course got to hit up the thrift shops. One of my favorite picks was a dress hidden in a rack of beat-up North-Face jackets and pilled-out wool sweaters. After passerbyer by impatient passerbyer passed over the dress, only visible from its unattractive hang on the hanger, I knew the oceanic-psychedelic floral print had more of a story.

And happily I discovered it did:

This beautiful turquoise, plum, and plum-pink mid calf, 3/4 sleeve dress made by "Shannon's Fashion California" is shaped by an hour glass dirndl waist-closed in by four exterior and 1 interior plum-pink plastic buttons. I added my own waisted belt just to add another "umph" to the hour :)

Equipped with two shoulder-pads, as was customary during the 1980s power-shoulder period (i.e. the temporal love of my life), this dress is both chic and defiant. And let's not forget the knee high slit in the back. Although 100% polyster, it is quite breathable and comfortable to wear.

I love love love it! If I ever decide to recycle this gem, you'll be the first to have it! :)

And what else can you wear with such a print, other than my Quinoa-on-Ice gem, a frosted resin decorated with Fair Trade red quinoa seeds and a copper wire shank.

reciclaGEM- it's a movement. Stay tuned for more :)

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