24 December 2011

Hack it Up! An Intro into the DIY Ethos

In the same breadth that we know all of these eco- and not so eco brands. we should know Otto von Busch. Fashion is not something simply to be consumed; it is to be directly involved in. Let's stop recreating this Pedagogy of the Oppressed top down fashion tastemaker approach, where our vision of style, our closets, our brand choices are the ones others should in Twitter-like masses follow. Let's try something a bit more active and empowering. Yes, I know, wind of bold for me to say as an artist who wants to eat, have health insurance, and have funds to do these road trips, but really, true sustainability is putting the powers of production and image creation back into the hands of the people. DIY or support local/independent like r*GEM if you don't have the time (info@reciclagem-themovement.com! :)

reciclaGEM is a movement. A movement of activism, information exchange, and the aesthetics of empowerment. Yes, YOU have the power to be the social-economic-political-aesthetic change you want to see. Even outside the U.K and the E.U, where eco-fashion activists seem to be in droves, whether you're from Panama, like Hackist artist Gianna G of Hacking Couture, or one of the many DIYers featured in U.S. based women's mag, Bust, you have the power to bring sustainability into your own hands.

As an emerging designer, I want your support. In fact, I'd love your support and will happily be providing some custom garments, high end thrift, and DIY lessons for your eco-fashion pleasure. But I also believe in diversifying the streams of consumption and production, so that you're not just buying things from a limited set of designers and brands without feeling empowered to change and create. Our country and our hemisphere would look a bit more like America, the Beautiful, if we started actively changing it into the hemisphere we want to see.

Don't just eat a burger, even if it's veggie. Learn the recipe so you choose your ingredients :)

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