21 December 2011

Liquid Footprint: Natural Fibers can suck too

Guess what? Yea, even cotton, that wonderful natural fiber that makes up the American jean, that t-shirt you love, those natural fibered, bamboo leaf printed panties you adore.

Yea, even they are having an adverse effect on Mama*Earth.

And you know why?
1) Cotton uses up more pesticides than any other agricultural plant in the world
2) Cotton requires an IMMENSE amount of water to grow (not including the gallons upon mega gallons used in the dyeing and finishing of the fiber before it's even cut and sewn).

And a few things you can do to keep our earth replenished is
1) upcycle that t into a bangin' pair of Dhoti Pants (se quiser un tutorial, let me know! )

2) watch this vid from Summer Rayne Oakes, fabulous mind in the world of eco-fashion
3) check out this second video from our globally known, San Francisco bred forefather of the "Jean," Levi's on how they are taking this matter into their hands and reducing their liquid foot print:

We all love water- our bodies are 75% and our planet...well, we kinda want to keep it replenished too. I know you love that natural fiber- even that plant based natural fiber- and they are a lot of lovely things about it that are more lovely than those horrid, non-thrift, synthetic ones. But just know that even that happy plant can suck Mama*Earth dry.

Before you go out and buy that new shirt, remember reciclaGEM- it's a movement. Thank you Levis, Summer Rayne Oakes, and all the other fabulous people on this side of the world caring about the fashion eco-footprint.

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