18 December 2011

Sankofa: Honoring Those Who Paved the Way

There are many designers I have to truly pour out some libations for. One being, Yeohlee Teng, NYC based designer who established her effortless, feminine, self-actualized and seasonless design label in 1981, and continues to innovate along the way (including exploring eco-friendly zero-waste design in her Fall 2009 collection).

(Yeolee, Fall 2009, Val Sarong, Black Jersey Body Suit)

[Btw. Please read this incredible article on zero-waste. Can't really do this author justice by paraphrasing it. It's simply fabulous. Thank you Leela Oijala for writing it.]

Back to Yeoloee Teng. The following design principles that inform and sustain her work are some that reciclaGEM works tirelessly to self-actualize:
  • *"design is universal."
  • *"design comes from servicing a function and is refined through time and process. "
  • *"Her designs are driven by material, maximizing the use of each fabric by consideration weight, texture, color, and finishing."
  • *"Through the process, Yeohlee “manages to synthesize style into a poetry about the possibility of fabric,”"
  • *the garments are made to animate – not freeze – the wearer.”

As an artist, it is critical to acknowledge those who came before. In reaching back to the past, and incorporating textiles, garments, and reclaimed objects of the past, it's important also to reclaim and acknowledge the aesthetic and artistic-moral traditions that pre-existed as well.

reciclaGEM: Reclaim your gems. Reclaim your h(er)story.

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