04 December 2011

Sunday Brunch Program: New Haven

For more info. on Liberty's Sunday Brunch, see below:

Throughout the winter months our homeless community in New Haven comes to our Safe Haven Sunday Brunch when they leave the shelters or the streets. They share a meal and some companionship for a few hours out of the cold and away from the isolation of the streets. The Brunch also offers an opportunity for our trained staff members to introduce our guests to the services that we provide at Liberty and those that are available in the community. It allows us to refer at least three people each week to needed services and ultimately find them permanent housing.

Liberty began the Brunch in 2009 because Sundays are difficult days for our homeless people in New Haven. Agencies that offer services are not open, public buildings are closed and meal programs are limited. Each Sunday we serve up to 100 people a warm, hearty catered meal, served by caring volunteers from our Day Program and Liberty staff in our community room at Safe Haven.

(Source: http://www.libertycs.org/services.htm#SundayBrunch)

Have a beautiful and blessed Sunday :)

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