29 December 2011

Versatility + Sportswear

What is "American Fashion" (in the conventional, Western lexicon of fashion)?

It often means:

Emphasizing the lifestyle over the actual garment has thereby led to the process of clothing manufacturing being quite distant from the day to day American (yes, even in the bi-continental sense) experience.

But in every wasteful dilemma comes an opportunity. Think of it as like that vegan cheesecake recipe: a little less excess and a little more versatility does the trick.

Take, for instance, the coventional cotton t-shirt. Everyone on this side of the world has had one at some point. They're given out like candy at fundraiser events. You buy them at football (soccer) games. They seem to fall from the sky and land in street fairs. Many people with big ideas but without an interest in design often paste logos on them, congealing them into their version of 'ze fashion line.

The next stage often results in this proverbial anti-fashion excess landing on another continent as a soiled donation, or better yet, a land fill.

But imagine, instead of buying that new dress, that scarf or even that canvas bag from Whole Foods, you could just take a t-shirt and make your dynamic American lifestyle come alive!

Or, you could support companies, such as {r}evolution apparel, and buy their Versalette, a garment that can be draped, rocked and worn 15 different ways to suit your millions of movement needs. I just discovered them today and will hopefully get a chance to interview them to learn more.

So in short, yes, you are dynamic, you travel, you do things, you want to be comfortable, you want to be cute, and you're on an Occupy Wall Street type budget. I get it. Me too. So, try out a bit of DIY or stick to one garment upcoming season, and give the rest of your clothes to me :) I'll upcycle them into some banging couture to compliment your newly engaged versatility.**

**peep the rhyme scheme:)**

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