11 April 2012

Biomimicry: Using Nature and its Creatures as our Fashion Teachers

Another big eco-fashion word: biomimicry.

I mean, there are a whole lot of reasons why I don't eat animals: they're cute, cuddly, intuitive, don't really taste that good, got too much protein for my human digestion to handle, and....are wonderful design teachers...really.

What creature has survived and evolved for eons in perfect, closed looped harmony with the natural environment....um, almost everyone non-human species (my good people, I love you, but let's get real).

So whether you are an emerging designer like Stephanie Niewenhuyse (shout out to Kingston University in London, class of 2011!), who has managed to use the power of technology to upcycle wood chips into sustainable and fashionable high end design inspired by the durability of reptile skin (yes imagine wood chip gators...)

or whether you're of the scientific type and are creating tape inspired by gecko feet

or whether you're just a nature lover looking to use the intelligence of nature as your mentor,

biomimicry is yet another way to enter into this ever so elusive eco-fashion world.


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