21 April 2012

Change of Plans....

Some of you may have been waiting for an amazing Earth*Day Website. Well, I am almost complete, but something about it is not quite right. Perhaps the perfectionist in me is getting in the way, but the sake of giving you the best content, information, images, and imagens possible, bear with me. You are worth it.

I've got some plans coming up, so have no fear. In the meantime, continue to enjoy the blog and watch the changes grow and blossom without unrealistic deadlines. In the name of Isabel Toledo and her phenom new book, Roots of Style, in the name of the 10 year hiatus taken by the only living American couturier (as declared by Couture Council in Paris) Ralph Rucci, and in the name of the ageless/boundary-less artist Sade whose decade long hiati never go out of style, I'm setting my own pace.

It won't be a decade (might be more like a few hours, a few days, a few weeks), but rest assured, all things artesanal, careful and conscious take time.

Obrigado por sua paciência

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