11 April 2012

Designer Spotlight: Natalia Allen

Greetings! Let me present a pioneering young lady of the American synthetic-apple city/my hometown, New York, who, beginning in her undergrad career at Parsons, began not only designing flourecent textiles, but began questioning the very processes used to satiate her brilliant mind.

It's not enough to be a brilliant designer. With the limitations of our world's resources, you gotta be informed (esp. given that the U.S. of A accounts for well over half the world's consumption and a dash of one tenth of the world's pop.!)

So check out this presentation, Natalia Allen, creator of Design Futurist, an sustainable design consulting agency.

But if you don't have 15 minutes, here are some highlights (FREE FOOD FOR THOUGH!):
  • Sustainability is "a series of informed trade-offs." 
  • Sustainability is "a desire to make something beneficial to society today and for generations to come."
  • Sustainability is "what happens after what happens to it after it leaves the department store."

*25% of world's insecticides is used to grow conventional cotton 
*approx. 80,000 chemicals used to make 1 item of clothing
*50% of the factories in the factories in the United States are sweatshops

  • A typical garments- lasts about 6 months (and then it goes into a LANDFILL- about 68 pounds per person per year in the U.S. of A! Don't throw away perfect good, but season-old garments. Give them to the Salvation Army, Good Will, or us at reciclaGEM! Or contact us and we'll give you some upcycling tips!)
Only 3% of the world's water is DRINKABLE, yet we use:
*1400 gallons into ONE pair of jeans
*800 gallons into ONE tshirt.

  • 50% of factories in the U.S. of A are SWEATSHOPS!  Solution to sucky sweatshops: 3-D printing (a machine that constructs the garment itself, without going through the wasteful industrial conveyer belt style production), which prevents us from creating excess inventory and eliminate factory work altogether. Wonderful, though I have a critique, where does that now jobless person go???

Last point by reciclaGEM:
Though an essential part, eco fashion is not just about artful, artesanal, upcycled fabulousness. Eco fashion is also consciousness and informed decision making (whether you are consumer, creator or both).


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