06 April 2012

Soul Sistas: Success!!

Thanks to the beautiful and talented Kat Webb, Soul Sistas was a success! Forget the fact that the venue, Goodbye Blue Monday, booked some crazy comedy act (oh offensive comedy can be so...exhausting), the talent of Soul Sistas took over and showed out! Plus I got to sell a couple of rings at some unbeatable (truly) artist friendly prices.

Bushwick Brooklyn is a neighborhood in transition, as are so many neighborhoods through our hemisphere, but it was within this small 'hood that I got to meet other talented women such as Domunique Electricsoul Energy, who rocked the house with her octave range, Kyra Climbingbear who serenaded us with her funky and melodic goodness (she makes upcycled American socially conscious jewelry too!), the sensei behind it all, Kat Webb who brought us back into motown time, and fellow designer Arinmaya, whose upcycled bottle cap tiered chandelier earrings and eclectic mismatched armwarmers (that look soooo good with my rings) and bangles made the evening (and my ears) complete.

Let's not forget the two incredible women who modeled for me, Melissa Capers and LaParis Philips (btw. vote for her in this style contest!!)!! If it wasn't for these Global Earthy Mamas, well, there really wouldn't be a fashion show-would there be?!

Synergetic events like this where music and fashion collide are what, I believe, will heal our hemisphere. It was such an honor to partake in this, and I hope that we are all able to create another Soul Sistas event in a bi-continetal hemispheric America near you.

Live Learn Love Life and Rock the Mic! (Shout out to my eco-music blog and shout out to life in general :) )

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