27 May 2012

Class Highlight: Ethical Fashion with Carmen Artigas

Let me present to you, on this lovely Memorial Day weekend of fun in the Earth*Mama sun, Carmen Artigas, product designer, educator, scholar, ethical fashion genius, the woman who is responsible for me pursuing my M.A. this upcoming fall in "Ethical Fashion and Community Development" at Gallatin NYU, oh I could go on and on and on about how much I learned from her (I took her class this past semester at F.I.T.). Take a look below and some of her wonderful designs:

(Source: http://blog.thenest.com)

Anyhoo, this upcoming Wednesday, i.e. in TWO DAYS, she will be offering her revolutionary course, Ethical Fashion I, at F.I.T. in the evenings. If you had an interest in learning not only about eco-fashion but also ethically produced fashion, honest fashion, fashion with integrity, fashion with an innovation that includes keeping the people and planet happy while still being financially viable, please oh please oh please consider taking this class. For $109 (the price of like...a metrocard?!?), you will walk away with an honest and AUTHENTIC understanding of what the industry truly needs.

So, enjoy the rest of the sunlight and remember, knowledge is power.

Peace, love and soul,

p.s. here are a list of SOME of the special guests that you will get to meet IN PERSON, if you take this class (side note: I know Pamela of the NYC Fair Trade Coalition, and like so many of the other presenters, she is AMAZING! Doing some really remarkable work in the fashion scene):

- “Love is Mighty “ designer Monisha Raja: Ethics Preserving Endangered Crafts

- “Happily Ever After” Brittany Haas: The Economy of Sharing

- “The Humane Society” Michelle McDonald: A Cruelty-Free Fashion System

- “Sustainable Solutions” Meg Tanaka: Japan’s Emerging Markets

- “Save the Garment Center” Co-Founders Anthony Lilore and Erica Wolf: Made in America is Back!

- “Andean Collection” Amanda Judge: Crossing frontiers

- “NYC Fair Trade Coalition” Pamela Alimurung: What’s fair?

- “Indego Africa” Deirdre McGuigan: Challenges and Prospects for Artisan Empowerment

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