19 May 2012

Designer Highlight: Koos Van Den Akker

Remember Bill Cosby's a-little-too-artesanal-for-family-home-TV-but-hey-it's-the-1980s sweaters?! Ever get caught up drooling over Cooji sweaters, and then hoping no one saw you...like...do that?

Well, let me present to you, if you didn't know him already, the designer who is responsible for that artesanal family man look and those drooling lips.

Koos Van Den Akker, a designer from the Netherlands who brought the patchwork of your grandmother's freedom quilt onto the fashion runways and into the wardrobes of some of our fav. television shows. Starting off as a self taught designer, he later found his way to the couture backrooms of Christian Dior, and started his own label in 1966 in Holland. Then he took a hop, skip and a jump with no money and opened up a gamut of stores along Madison Ave in NYC.


I appreciate you, Koss Van Den Akker, for elevating to high art the aesthetic of the artesanal that gives designs like reciclaGEM a place not only in the global visual landscape, but in fashion history.

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