18 May 2012

Street*side Sale this Saturday!

Greetings my precious,

I'll be selling some new one of kind GEMs this weekend (my first permutation of the line: Vegan Gems, as showcased at Vegan Jam back in 2010).

These designs will feature sunflower, barley, and lentil seeds, among some sinuous, handcrafted wire designs.

So prior to doing this oh-so-scary online selling thing (yes, my heart is still pounding!), come visit me tomorrow morning- 8am to 5pm, and buy these beautiful gems for a special I-Love-You-and-Understand-Your-A-Struggling-Artist-Like-Me price.

Locale: The corner of 137th Street and Lenox, New York City (take the 2 or 3 trains to 135th and walk up two beautiful Harlem blocks).

Peace, Love, Joy and Growth,

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