10 May 2012

A Word about Packaging....

So, if I'm getting ready to do this super scary thing like sell online (it's both an AAHHH and a YAYYYY) because some of you may be wondering- um, how do I like...buy something?!?

Well, in the midst of me working on my online shop, I've come to realize a major element of how I get this beautiful, artesanal, wearable art fabulosity to you is- the packaging.

Yea, all that cardboard, tissue paper, paper receipts, not to mention the fuel used to move that postal truck or plane to your mail box, is a whole lot of earth. Imagine, with that one fabulous piece, you could have bought a whole forest and oil well with it!

Some of this is a bit inevitable to the human mind, but a lot of it isn't. Take for existence Holstee, I'm sure you've seen there "Live your Dreams" posters on your facebook newsfeed somewhere.

They've managed to develop a way to package their t-shirts...inside of themselves! That's right. No fancy tissue paper necessary. Just a skirt, it's kangaroo style pocket, and some artful textile origami!

Another example is the internationally known and loved Puma. Check out this video. It speaks for itself!

So I've got a few ideas of my own re: the packaging, but please please comment below. I'm always game for ideas!

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