11 June 2012

Designer Highlight: Dr. Noki

Margiela + Anime + The Factory with a dash of Xuly Bet =

Dr. Noki (aka. JJ Hudson, "ikoN")

obscure, upcycled, club-mist mysterious, transport yourself into the scene of this omnipresident yet inconspicuous brand that represents a form of eco-fashion that is far from the Kumbaya burlap sack.
 (The "Sophication of Branding" Mask. Source: Shot by Shooter)

Akin to the likes of Margiela with a Warhol-esque cult following,"the Nokiettes," Dr. Noki is a club kid turned stylist turned designer who brings reclaimed fashion back to its true beginnings...body art.

I fell in love with this London based, global taste- maker for his ability to pave a way for the work that reciclaGEM seeks to continue.
(Source: Design in Green; original source: still looking)

With shredded jersey totem masks, Victorian silhouettes made from upcycled flannel, and pre- "ShowStudio" fashion videos of raspy dance parties and opera, fashion is once again emphasized to be an ART! Not a gimmick, but an artistry, an aura, and a sophisticated visual point of reference. It belongs in the galleries. Fashion IS wearable art.
(Photo from Ecouterre)
Have no fear, Dr. Noki is here. And reciclaGEM is here to continue that tradition.

Reclaim the sculpture. Reclaim the art. 

Elevate, inspire, fashion passion,

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