21 June 2012

Giving at Talk at SFP's Women of Power Brunch this Sunday!


So, I love how the Universe works in wonderful and mysterious ways. A few weeks ago, I became personally acquainted with a wonderful internationally organization called the Sistah Friends Project, created with the goal of oral narrative, self portraiture, sound scapes and other fine art-meditative techniques to create a safe, creative and intellectual space for black women to reclaim how they are to be archived in history. Their About Us page sums it up BEAUTIFULLY.

I was drawn to this project not only by the sheer complexity of all of the creative women involved, but also by the wonderful mindspace that it creates during its weekly and monthly gatherings that succeed in giving me and all the other women who participate an active voice against the media muscles that try to define us. We are taking back the power of self-definition.

And the end of the day, that is what reciclaGEM is about. Using the planet-friendly power of sustainable design to create artistic spaces for American self-definition. We are the continents, the colors, the creeds, the genders, the artists, the fighters, the teachers, and the lovers. We are America. We wear red/white/blue/green/black/yellow/stars/planets/circles and stripes. Our flags are as diverse as the languages we speak. And in this increasingly taxed earth, we have the power to take our english, portuguese, spanish, quechua, creole, cantonese, pidgin, gullah, french, yiddish, slang, etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. romance to native languages to make our voices known.

So here is a convite pra conversa. I invite you to join me and the Sistah Friends Project to the Sistah Friend Project's monthly Women of Power Brunch, featuring picnic style delicacies, an outdoor self-portraiture studio, clothing & jewelry swap and wonderful & exhilarating conversation. They have graciously invited me to open the floor with a conversation on Sustainable Fashion and Ethical Design.

Join us in your mother tongue and pre-loved fashions for this clothing swap and ethical fashion conversation to remember. Festivities take place this upcoming SUNDAY 12PM in PROSPECT PARK (Grand Army Plaza Entrance), Brooklyn, New York, United States. Please oh please respondez s'il vous plait at: sistahfriendsproject@gmail.com.



(Any topics you'd like to discuss in particular? Feel free to email me at info@reciclagem-themovement.com!!!)

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