04 June 2012

Pee-ka-boo! Yes I am making stuff

So over this weekend, well, from Sunday 11am to Monday 5am, I was in the ever-so fashionable mecca of creative locals, Philly, for the Roots Picnic at Pier's Landing. Two words: Ummm...YES! For one thing, the indie mags showed me so much LOVE! Hell, yea I'll pose for you as you gas my street style ego. J/k...but not.

Secondly, the fashion there is so...breathworthy. From spending the night at the Brooklyn Museum...no..sleep...pause/rinse and repeat in Philly, my sartorial mind is buzzing with inspiration. Love you, my fellow artists! I LOVE YOU!

So in the midst of me not sleeping, doing the young people do, doing the adult people work do, and then going to class, I had to post before passing out to let you know that in the midst of all that, I AM making stuff.

For one, about an hour ago, I made my first Patched pocket sample...LINED!

Secondly, I'm doing a series of hour glass Marilyn Monroe meets Bohemian Rhapsody dresses with steel boning, donated taffeta fabric, and surplus stretch denim. Not finished yet, but still working on it...boning, lining, underlining et al.

So Yes, this is just a post to say, "Hello Creative People I met yesterday, I love you!" And "Yes Creative Readers I meet every day, I am still making stuff!"

Peace, Love, and Passion,

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