29 June 2012

(re)Examining Freedom: Photoshoot Party on 4th of July

So reciclaGEM and a couple of community activist friends of mine (i.e. two friends who have worked and continue to work as community organizers in New York and use their scholarship and activism to educate and empower others through the complexities that is citizenship in this country/bi-continental land mass) are planning a party.

Yes, this party will have all the vestiges of an Independence Day party. BYOB. All night dancing. Music. Body Paint. Fashion. Yes. it will be fun.

But why not leave it there?

Taking place at a building in the bronx that houses many an artist and community activist- some would even all it an artist collective- the (re)Independence Day Party will be channeling the revolutionary forces of Fela Kuti and his army of 27 Kalakuta Queens.
(As portrayed in Fela On Broadway)

(Photo by Adrian Boot)

Why Fela you ask? Well, the fashions for one are unmistakenly artesanal, upcycled, and reciclaGEM-esque in nature and aura. I could go ON about the protest couture inherent in the fashions of the Kalakuta Queens (aka Fela's 27 wives)...forthcoming post...Secondly, Fela during his time, was a (BEYOND!) revolutionary activist in Nigeria who helped give a voice of power to the people in the midst of violent political corruption and silencing. What better leader in history to choose than he when re-examining the reasons for which the USofA celebrates Independence?

So come dressed in your most revolutionary of apparel, with some reciclaGEM and body paint on desk, dance to some Fela Kuti & The Africa '70 beats, all night (7pm to 7am, hey maybe we'll even give you breakfast) with photography and video interviews on freedom taking place the whole night.

Wednesday July 4th, 2012
7pm to 7am
299 East 139th Street, Bronx NY, USA

So let me ask you, "What is the America you want to see?"

Get your answer ready, cuz we're going to ask you.

Peace, love and (re)Independence,

p.s. This is part of a longer fashion series (working) entitled "A New Earth: Thoughts of Americanness Post 9/11," a project portraying through performance theater, fashion and photography perspectives on Americanness through the lens of where you were the day the towers fell and where you are now...and if that really affected you...as much as the media said it did...

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