27 July 2012

Goodbye Folk: Vintage (inspired) Fabulousity from Mexico City

Greetings Folks!

So, I'm still sewing like crazy preparing my Occupy Wall Street meets Studio54 Capsule Collection for RAW:Brooklyn RADIATE! If you are in the NYC, NJ, tri-state vicinity, you won't want to miss this show :) (Artist name: reciclaGEM :)).

However, in the sewing, scrap quilting, fabric swatching, ring-making interim, I wanted to draw your attention to a quirky-beautiful shop in Condesa, Mexico City called Goodbye Folk. Some of you international second-hand clothing savvy folks may know that Mexico, in the response to I guess second-hand clothing flooding into the country from the USofA and making it harder for local clothing manufacturers from the country to make any sort of profit, instituted some pretty serious restrictions on used clothing importation. Sometimes you need a pretty heavy license, sometimes it's banned altogether. HOWEVER...this amazing gem, Goodbye Folk, makers of hand-made leather shoes and the like have managed to open up an amazing vintage (inspired :) ) shop in Mexico City that has celebrities and fashionistas alike frequenting.

Watch this amazing youtube video of a miracle in the works...manifest before your eyes.

Peace, love, and vintage visions,


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