24 July 2012

Look Again: Fashion Students Learn Ethical Business through Upcycled Fashion

So earlier today, I learned of a pretty innovative project, Look Again (TM), based in Cazenovia, upstate New York, USofA. Based at the fashion program of small liberal arts college, Cazenovia College, this project teaches fashion students in upstate New York hands on business skills in designing and merchandising a line while also creating a local business that gives back to the community. In partnership with Cazenovia-based thrift shop, The Key, fashion students take consignment/thrift charms from the shop, upcycle them, and then sell them as a means of supporting local business/enterprise while getting a taste of what it would be like to set up a fashion shop in Cazenovia. Not all fashion aficianados from the state want or can come down to NYC to upstart their fashion dreams. Some aspire to be mavericks in their own communities.

What a wonderful program. Some day, I hope to be able to bring reciclaGEM to a school/community  and teach ethical fashion merchandising via the lens of upcycle, artesenal fashion. Put it out their in the Universe- now let the manifestation begin!

Peace, love and artesenal, ethical fashion school,

P.s. even Secretary of State of the USofA was digging the project.
Photo Cred: Cazenovia College

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