01 August 2012

Let's Get Undressed Now: First Person Fast Fashion

So a brilliant artist-curator friend of mine introduced me to this profound first person account of a woman being cured of the disease of fast fashion-itis. NYC journalist Elizabeth Kline like many of us in the USofA and many nations throughout the Americas for that matter (who in small boutiques guised as independent retailers are just selling the same thang), used to buy factory made fast fashion. From the major retailers, and their knock-offs, I'm sure she would glean many a maxi dress, a pencil skirt, an office appropriate button down or a plastic factory made earring/necklace set. Let's get real. How many of us when starting that new full time job and not knowing what to wear, dove straight into the nearest, cheapest fast fashion retailer that our pre-employment wallets could bear. Covering my face, I will raise my hand. I'VE DONE IT TOO! We all start from somewhere.
Anyhoo, Elizabeth got curious, got a plane ticket, and went to undress the overdressed matter for fast fashion, visiting the factories that we all choose to ignore/forget and getting down, dirty, and first person about what really goes down with the clothes that are leading to human rights violations galore, toxic runoff into our oceans, and the burying of toxic fabric-bound chemicals into our Mama*Earth.

I am planning to get Overdressed: The Shockingly High Cost of Fast Fashion, and will be giving a more thorough review on the blog when I'm finished. However, please check out this blog post on her tumblr about what she REALLY said about the beautiful First Lady Michelle Obama and the USofA's glorification of her cheap fast fashion wardrobe. Like she said and emphasized, we love our First Lady, but perhaps we need to rethink this national (and, let's get real, bicontinental) wardrobe.

So yea, what are you planning to wear today?

Peace, love, and undressing the truth,

Now back to prepping for RAW! Unlike fast fashion, I have no invisible hands making my garments. It's just ME, MYSELF, AND T*! Working on working with fair trade in NYC soon enough! Holla @ at me if you'd like to support these efforts!

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