15 August 2012

RAW Recap: Diaries of an Emerging Designer

Hola, mi gente! So it's been five days since that big RAW showcase I've been telling you about!  And over the past five days, I've been recovering, partying (yes, activists need some down time too!), designing some more pieces of the Occupy54 Collection to put up on etsy, responding to emails, connecting with the amazing people I met with at the event (if you haven't gotten an email or fbook request from me yet, no worries- you will!), and overall getting ready for the next opportunities that this beautiful Universe has to offer.

With that said, before releasing the video from the show, which I received from my amazing and stylish cousin who attended, I wanted to give you a candid rundown of what went down.

So here's what goes down in the preparation of an indie artist showcase.

So, it's Thursday, August 9th, 9:30am, I haven't slept more than 2 hours in the past two weeks, I would have designed my custom organic cotton fabrics, went shopping for bamboo, redesigned my whole website, put up an etsy shop, and put up a facebook page- doing that social media stuff- and realized, hey, I don't have a team of invisible hands sewing my garments. I HAVE ME! So, onward began the continued basting, finishing and garment fitting.

Then at 10am, I had a shoot withe Mediafriq and amazing Brooklyn-based model, Keshia, on Striver's Row in Harlem, using the history of the Harlem Renaissance to engage in what Occupy Wall Street Meets Studio54 is really about.

Then, we were getting into the groove, and oh snap! It's 12:30pm, I'm still in Harlem, and I have to be at this Brooklyn venue at 2PM! Not to mention, I needed to get my bust forms, suitcase, and merch. supplies from my storage space on the other side of town.

So I hustle through St. Nicholas Park, sweating like a marathon, grab what I need, pack my garments- fashion show items and for the booth- and start to head downtown.

I have about a suitcase the size of me (I'm 5'4"), two life size bust forms, and three other bags. Realistically, unless I was an octopus, the subway was NOT happening. So I call a cab. It's 1:15pm. The cab gets there, we start grooving, and we hit...TRAFFIC! And lots of it. I'm chowing down on an apple as a destress mechanism and also because I hadn't really been eating, and pray pray pray I still have a spot in this show, due to my tardiness.

I arrive. And low and behold, it's fine. I meet my amazing amazing models, and then realize...

oh snap, 3 of them are missing.

3 of them never showed up, and one was a friend.

Cie la vie.

Anyway, I set up my rack, chat up hair and makeup, give them my hair concept- Lee McQueen for Givenchy Fall/Winter 1997 of course with some bold, Grace-Jones esque colors mixed in. After all, this is a Studio54 themed show!

And then, it's 5:30pm and I still have to set up my booth! Yes, there is still only one of me at this point, my hairs not done, I don't know what I'm wearing and I have a scheduled interview and model runthrough in about an hour. There are other designers and models in the back, the security guard keeps carding me (apparently I looked like the youngest person in the venue! Puleeeze!), and I have work to do.

So I set up my booth and get busy.

Oh wait, no one is going to watch my jewelry while I am in the back fitting?!?!

Well, honor system we go! 

Interviews get postponed, I'm 3 models down (who are not even responding to voicemail, text message, whatever), 2 others had already personal emergencies, and I'm freaking out.

Then, the amazing host of the evening as well as the hair and makeup team hooked me up with two amazing models and all went well.

Stache Haus, one of the other brands, brought this amazing, light-up platform, that made things truly sparkle.

Friends and family showed up.

I met a few new amazing clients.

Reception of the pieces went well- not to mention, they looked pretty awesome! THE MODELS ROCKED IT OUT!

And I still had all my limbs.

So yes, there is chaos in the world of fashion shows, but hey, anything to get the good word of sustainable fashion out there! Bringing upcycled fashion to the people ! That's what we're about. We've been to Brooklyn, Harlem, Flint, MI...where to next?! Invite me!

Peace, love, and Occupy54,


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  1. The hustle in your work is so amazing and uplifting. How many people want to live out an adventure the way our childhood selves always wanted to. Love the blog and love your work! I can not wait to see what is next!