28 September 2012

DesignBoost: Fashion Debates and Hactivism at Parsons

 Excuse my delay in responding! Graduate school has been quite a doozy. Additionally, I am costuming two wonderful, socially inspired productions that go up in the next few weeks! Both plays address themes ranging from the complexity of childhood, how children process trauma, and the power the subconscious. I will be talking about this more in a subsequent post...

Now back to the thought provoking design Sweden-based conference: Design Boost.

The Second Annual DesignBoost Conference on the topic of "Design Intellience" took place at the Parsons School of Design/New School last Tuesday and Wednesday and consisted of a set of two dynamic days of roundtable discussions and presentations from designers, professors, politicians, philanthropists, activists and lay people representing design conscious individuals from the U.S. and Sweden. This cross continental, cross cultural, and cross institutional event generated plenty of ideas around how we can re-think "Design Intelligence"  and "Sustainability in Fashion."

Some of the thought exchanges were:
  • Fashion Hacktivism: the ability to hack into the systematic fashion matrix and create your own fashion voice using the tools and codes of familiar fashion images.
  • Nation-States: What does it mean to use the role of nations and nation states in design?
  • Nurturing Our Relationship with Clothes: As fashion images have forced us to loose touch with clothes, now treating them as mere commodities, how do we reform our relationship with them?
  • Fashion as Mass Spectacle: is it about the garment or the show (both runway and street)?
  • The Mind of a Fashion Exec: How do you get someone to care about sustainability when they merely look at fashion as a corporate account where even the slightest risk to the status quo would cost them millions and potentially their job?
  • Thoughts from the Perspective of a Fast Fashion rep: The world needs more design, not less. And these esoteric, artistic approaches to fashion are useless. Really?

So much more can be said, but instead of lumping everything into one post, stay tuned as I break it down, post by post, piece by piece, speaker by speaker and concept by concept. Media is to engage, not to overwhelm. This is a conversation.

But in the meantime, feel free to post your thoughts to the questions and provocations above,

Peace, Love, and Design Intelligence,


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