09 September 2012

Fashion Night Out NYC hosted by EcoSalon at TAC!

Firstly, my apologies for taking a whole 48 hours to post these photos. Oh the life of a graduate student...will detail how my "Community Development through the Stewardship of Ethical Fashion Design" program at NYU is going.

But now that's out the way, check out the photographic remnants of a kinetic evening, filled with the mighty soldiers of the ethical fashion movement here in NYC- designers, professors, Sustainable Design Entrepreneurs from F.I.T., vegan bloggers, Textile Art Center aficianados, and overall awesome people who are down for environmentally and people conscious fashion. I want to get to a place one day where it is understood without question that being a good designer = being a designer aware and conscious of production means, material source, and social impact. But, in truth, as you'll read from Elizabeth Cline's Overdressed: The Shockingly High Cost of Cheap Fashion, we are not there yet.

And so, meet the soldiers. Attention!

The Textile Art Center (Manhattan Location) is brimming with activity. The official end of the party, sponsored by conscious style and fashion web resource, Eco Salon, and its partnering party host, the Textile Art Center, had officially ended, but the conversations were still swelling in the air! Too much to talk about in the realm of putting high quality, innovative and ethical fashion on the forefront.

A sneak peak of emerging design label, State, by Adrienne Antonson, (left) and Soham Dave's artfully hand embellished indigo tunics (right).

Meet a lazer cut piece of wearable art from EkoLab, a duo of designers who are really in love with the process of making beautiful, artful things. They experiment with textures and techniques, themes and fibers, dyes and colors. To dye for!
Some more accessories from Eko Lab. Check them out!
Fair Trade chocolates, along with Fair Trade Cabernet Sauvignon wine from the Naked Grape made this quite the delectable evening!
Sneak peak at some fabulous women, including Sharlane of the International Public Service Association (they hosted a fabulous Fair Trade event at NYU) and Becky, co-director with Nimet of Soham Dave, of the New York Fair Trade Coalition!

Fabulous handmade artisan knits, created by Mapuche weavers from Southern, Chile, in partnership with Voz!
anjelika dreams organic (a.d.o), ayurvedic Indian herbed dyed fashions designed by Angelika Krishna.
This was NOT planned. And to think, this red matched my lipstick! It was a firery evening, that's for sure.

Soham Dave in conversation!
@ State by Adrienne Antonson Love her work!!

Fabulous bag from Paris!
Holding my copy of Elizabeth Kline's Overdressed! If you want to understand how fashion REALLY works, read this book. Really.

Thank you, Eco Salon. Thank you Textile Art Center. Thank you Elizabeth Kline. Thank you New York Fair Trade Coalition. Thank you to all of the Designers and Labels that showcased during this revolution Fashion Night Out 2012. 

This ethical fashion revolution will not be televised. It will be FNO'd!!!

Peace, Love, and Knowledge,

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