15 October 2012

Costume Design for Revolutionary Theatre

Garments have the power to communicate, to connect, to empathize and to empower. ReciclaGEM has joined forces with playwright Lavinia Roberts, director Lily Raabe, and a cast of talented actors, dancers, mask makers with a classically produced music score to tell the story of a young girl who, surviving sexual assault, retreats into her subconscious, an artesenal world of night creatures and darkness.

Created from fabric scraps and clothing donations, we at ReciclaGEM join this brave young woman and the night creatures of her mind into the swampy bog. Come join us this evening, Wednesday evening, and Saturday evening for the Thespis Theatre Festival hosted by the Cabrini Repertory Theater in Washington Heights, NY on this journey into subconscious.

No matter what happens in life, never let anyone steal your voice. Speak out and tell someone. Always.

And for a sneak peak at the costumes, check out process photos at: instagram @reciclagem | twitter @ T_Cup_Art

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