24 October 2012

Costume Design for Revolutionary Theatre-Pt. 2

Another incredible story created by playwright Lavinia Robers, Finding Mothers takes viewers on a journey from the eyes of a 7 year old girl who is grieving. As activists, we cannot begin to address the complexities of our community's problems without addressing the individual hardships that humble us, challenge us, and make us, often painfully so, human.

The story is one of a young girl named Paloma who's hardworking mother, a nurse, herself dies of cancer. Her entire family- Paloma, sister, and father- have found their own ways to grieve. But Paloma's requires one of complexity, invisible friends, nightmares, and emotional manifestations.

Costuming this play, similar to Eaten Voices, proved to be a challenge that was both emotionally and artistically rewarding. Through each costumed piece, created from clothing donations and scraps collected from the cast and crew, I was able to combine costume inspirations of similar theatrical narrative, the Fall, with the specific creative needs of the playwright and director/sound engineer, Michael Feld.

This play is not one to miss. It opens this evening at the Manhattan Repertory Theater on 42nd Street at 8th and will have two more runs on Friday October 26th at 9pm and Sunday October 28 at 8:30pm.

A conversation and artistic response to cancer should not be limited to biology or fundraising but rather the web of relationships, emotions, and humanity connected by the loss of a loved one.

Finding Mother is a journey. Come join us.

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