23 December 2012

The Most Brilliant Lookbook I've Ever Seen...

In my quest for other amazing people who are truly dedicated to using fashion as a vehicle for real social justice, I came across the incredibly informative blog of non other than Otto Von Busch and his graduate design students at Parsons. I've blogged about Prof. Busch quite a few times, as he is BRILLIANT!, and am so glad to have found this digital, blog database of all things fashion and social justice.

One of the "case studies" featured was of Retrofit Republic, a vintage and recycled fashion retailer, style agency, and event planner started by two amazing women who started a company from their love of fashion, social justice for LGBTQ and communities of color, and outreach to make the world a more fashion and cultural energy-efficient bohemia (play on word "retro fit").

In the advent of video lookbooks, this is the most brilliant one I've seen yet. Their lookbook manages to not only showcase their amazing Fall 2012 looks but highlights some powerful people dispelling and conquering the myths that haunt our fashion, aesthetic, cultural, and sartorial worlds. The fashion industry needs a lot of social healing- imagine if every design house used their look book as a platform for activism.

Watch and-with conventional fashion magazine in hand-take notes:

The Real Bodies Manifesto Lookbook Video, Fall 2012 from Retrofit Republic on Vimeo.

Happy Sunday

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