11 January 2013

2013: Finalmente No Brasil!

Oi, minha gente,

I am blessed and happy to report that my first blog post in 2013 (which also falls on the New Moon in Capricorn, ironically enough...if you follow astrology), is being written in São Paulo, Brasil!

I am finally in Brazil, as ReciclaGEM! One day away from the Hemispheric Institute's fabulous bicontinental, art activist conference, the Encuentro, and the last day of São Paulo Fashion Week, I sit here pesquisando exemplos da moda dedicado à justiça social,  reading Vogue Brasil's first "Black Issue" (more comments on that later), and praticando meu português, which is infelizmente não fluente (If you want to learn português, google translate these phrases or read the whole blog in português with my new handy-dandy blogger app! YAY!)

No pictures or photo shoots yet, still relaxing, finding vegan food, and exploring the city. However, I did, through my fabulous hostess who is also a fashion stylist...more on her later :), discover a new Brazilian fashion brand that is dedicated to ethical fashion and sustainable human development.

Founded by doctor, snowboarder and fashion maverick, Oskar Metsavaht, Osklen is a Brazilian fashion brand that creates funky, high energy, active-chic clothing and footwear with intelligent fabrics such as recycled PET, vegetable-dyed surplus silk, and reclaimed fish skin (check out this camo-psychedelic boots). Dr. designer Metsavaht is also the founder of an inspiring organization called Instituto-E, which is dedicated to human and environmental development and is yet another outlet for Metsavaht's intelligent design to make a measureable social impact (very Stella McCartney, another inspiration and muse for me).

(Fall-Winter 2012. Photo Credit: Osklen.com
Love these Botas Psicodelico Camuflada Fem aka. the shoes!!)

(Photo Credit: Institutoe.org.br)

So check out these links, get to know such this amazing, visionary brand, and stay tuned for more posts on other fashion revolutionaries making changes through the Hemisphere and the world. 

Tenha um bom dia, and, in the name of my good activist friend, Wismine, curta a vida!

Paz, saude, e moda-justiça,

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