07 April 2013

Syncretism by ReciclaGEM...In less than 2 weeks!

So in less than two weeks, I will be presenting Syncretism, the hemispherically friendly, Fall collection of hand dyed, recycled hemp, faux leather, vinyl, natural fiber, syncretic womens/menswear fashion at the Beau Monde Society's inaugural Fashion Envie presentation.

If you follow me on instagram (@reciclagem), you would have seen a sneak peak of the material dimensions to be explored in the collection. But in case you haven't, here's a small, micro taste of what you can expect to see.

The inspiration behind this collection, as further elaborated in my interviews with DZI and Fifth and Water, is syncretic religiosity, Afro Brazilian Candomblé, and the textile and design exploration of premise, "what if human beings functioned more like trees." Imagine, if at every step, our quotidian contact with the earth made it flourish, glow, prosper, sing, and blossom. Imagine if each step disseminated renewable seeds and nutrient rich soil back into the ground that feeds us, nurtures us, keeps us. Imagine...

(Alexander McQueen, Eshu collection)

This collection is about imagination and exploration of how the idea of "reciclagem" can expand beyond the upcycling foundations upon which we emerged, but continue into the ways in which recycled fibers and earth conscious material can help to support the vortex of fashion being a renewable vehicle for the earth that created the fashion in the first place. Because without the plants from which our fibers emerged, where would we be?

~5 minute meditation: Stop, think and take a 5 minute break from social media to think about what renewable fashion means to you. Feel free to share below or email directly to info@reciclagem-themovement.com.


How did that feel? In future posts, I plan to insert that magical 5 minutes because your thoughts, your mental freedom, and your peace of mind are important to me. So often in blogosphere, we are overwhelmed with the endless amount of knowledge available to us, from the single click of a Google search. Integrating meditation into our internet use could offer some wisdom to our ethical fashion musings...

Just a thought :)

But if you would like to join me on Earth Day, April 20th, in the presentation of Syncretism as well as witness the host of other ethical fashion awesomeness that will be displayed by the other incredible designers and the phenomenal production team, here's how to reserve an advanced ticket:

1. Email beaumondesociety@gmail.com with your preference for either a general admission (standing room only) ticket or a VIP ticket (seated, with an amazing, ethical, swag bag)

2. Stop by the Beau Monde Society's Pre-Fashion Envie event this Thursday April 11th to pay cash for your ticket. Location: Le Souk at 510 LaGuardia Place, New York 7:00-9:00. For more info, click here.

3. Get your amazing outfit together :)

4. Show up at the Fashion Envie Show! on Saturday April 20th at 6:30pm to Space on White (in Soho!) at 81 White Street, New York with your ticket confirmed and paid for and enjoy the amazing show!!

5. Come talk to me!!! :)

Looking forward to your thoughts, your meditations, and hopefully seeing many of you soon!

Peace, love and light,

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