11 July 2013

Rebirth: Welcome to the Atelier

Oi minha gente, minha familia, tudo bem??

So if you have been following me on instagram or facebook (@reciclagem), you are aware of the journey that has transpired thus far.

But if you haven't let me tell you.

So after doing quite a few fashion shows (from Fashion Envie to One Night of Jungle Fever) in New York, I have moved to Paris for the month to study haute couture, to make "American Thrift Couture" real.

And thus far, I have worked backstage at couture fashion week, learned the special techniques of Madame Gres and shibori dyeing, and started designing pieces that transcend.

I am rethinking the function of ReciclaGEM as more than just an indie locavore line, but something that will serve as an Atelier, a workshop, for re-thinking the ways in which clothing can facilitate conversations on our social world.

When we put on clothes every day, what conversations are we having with ourselves, with our higher spiritual worlds, with each other, with the planet? Are these conversations about gender, race, spirit, earth, love, hate, progress, regression, confusion, clarity?

What this is is a workroom, a think tank to rethink, rethink and rethink some more the ways in which clothing serves as a medium for our humanity.

And once we do that, I think, we will have a more amenable relationship with the planet and with ourselves that is conscious, evolving, potentally imperfect, but ceaselessly empathetic, kind and forgiving.

I shall support all movements of fashion that are for progress, but release the labels that may alienate such conversations from the audience that most often times is the one that needs to hear it.

Ase. Rebirth in Paris. More to come, more to post, more to reveal.

I am and we are re-thinking the way clothing functions as social recycling, recycling the social elements of our world.

Peace, love, and consciousness.

Beijos and bonsoir,

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