11 July 2013

The First Workshop of ATELIER RECICLAGEM: Apply July 31st

Hello again! Bom dia! Bonsoir!

The first official workshop of ATELIER RECICLAGEM will take place at the University of Southern California (USC) and the University of Los Angeles (UCLA) for the HEMI Graduate Student Convergence. I will be co-facilitating alongside PhD candidate and burlesque performer, Kelly McKay a workshop on how garments facilitate conversations with gender, internal conversations, social conversations, and how dress up and play can be a medium through which we can dialogue in ways that change the world.

**These garments will be muslin mock ups of the Spring 2014 ATELIER RECICLAGEM Couture collection, the first couture collection of the project. So in your participation you will shape and mold the silhouettes as they shape and mold your conversations.

In essence, playing dress up WILL change the world, and we want to explore how to do that.

The process of participation in the work group requires an application: a 500 word research abstract and resume, which you are to send to hemigsi@gmail.com by JULY 31ST 2013. More info can be found here.

And to find out more information about our workshop, please find the official description on the site as well as below:

7. Playing Dress-Up: Fashion, Gender, and the Politics of Embodiment

Co-conveners: Tamara Leacock (NYU), Kelly McKay (University of Minnesota), Sean Metzger (UCLA), Jack Halberstam (USC)

How do our garments and adornments shape our ways of seeing and being in the world?  This working group takes “fashion” as a starting point from which to initiate a critical and artistic dialogue around questions of politics, identity, queerness, and embodiment.  We seek participants to join us in beginning a collective exploration of how fashion functions as a technology of identity.  We are interested in the political potential of adornment, affective attachments to garments, and the relationship between adornment and embodiment.  As we approach these topics, we are deeply committed to engaging play as a mode of investigation.  We welcome imaginative contributions from scholars, artists, and activists working in fashion studies.  We envision the work group as both a discussion forum and an experimental, artistic research laboratory, a place for sharing our projects-in-process but also for making new work together.  We hope that our collective conversations will speak to the emerging field of fashion studies with a voice distinctly situated in a hemispheric perspective, recognizing the United States and Latin America as playing key roles in shaping the realities of the global fashion economy.  Broadly speaking, we ask: how do we understand the complex relationships between people and clothing?  What kinds of political, social, emotional, and other attachments shape our relationships to our garments?  As we combine our practical work as artists with our scholarly work, we eagerly seek collaborators and interlocutors in this experimental process.  Come play dress-up with us!

We look forward to playing a revolutionary game of dress-up with you.

Peace and play,


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