27 October 2013

Designer Highlight: threeASFOUR

Fashion that demonstrates "how the visual world binds these cultures to one another...”

 (From exhibit "Insalaam Inshalom")

A Palestinian, an Israeli granddaughter of Auschwitz survivors, and a German all join together to start a fashion line in the name of unity, in the cosmopolitan city of New York, as a technology for human unification and healing. Need I say more?

threeASFOUR is an inspiration. It is an avant garde brand that, like many brands that have undergone changes and transformations, re-emerged on the NYC scene in 2005 as a fashion line less interested in producing fashion for commercial means and more interested in life-changing meaning making. They make use of technology to re-engage sacral geometry and other age-old shamanic wisdom, creating garments seek to project a silent cry for peace and unity beyond difference through the textile hieroglyphic effect of their design.

More than simply a brand, they are a team of visionaries. In this amazing styleLikeU interview, Gabi Asfour, Angela Donhauser, and Adi Gil drops some knowledge that is truly inspiring me as I write this post in my studio, and hopefully you as well.

  • "Using tiling was a representation that the whole comes from the unit and the unit creates the whole. By using tiling, we felt like we could also deal with things that are outside humanity. It's not just about religions but the connections of humanity to animals and to plants and to the planet and to other planets and to other solar systems and galaxies. As a message of unity we feel like geometry is the essence of it."- Gabi Asfour
"I look more for the unity between everybody because I think we are the same in the end."- Adi Gil
  • "To be able to make clothes and to have some kind of a message behind it means so much because, at the end of the day, nobody needs more clothes. Nobody needs another dress, but if we do something and there is a meaning behind it [that] brings people together, for me this is like a dream come true."-Adi Gil

"We are becoming more wise and we are healing ourselves from all of the shit that we went through."- Gabi Asfour

It is not surprising that their dedication to peace and unity has extended into history-making artist collaborations, such as Spring 2010 collaboration with avant-garde peace activist, Yoko Ono.

Let's give peace a chance.

Peace, love, and fashion human-culture-art-actvist history,

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