18 October 2013

My Role as a Designer

Boa noite friends,

I write this post with my deepest sincerity and candor. ReciclaGEM is world is an open world to which you are invited to enter, play dress up, deconstruct garments, reconstruct identities, leave preconceptions at the door, and bring a mind and a heart and a fashion sense ready to challenge fashion's previous and currently destructive hegemony over people and our planet. If you ever felt excluded, if you ever felt confused in a sea of leather jackets and handbags wondering if cruelty free fashion is truly possible, if you ever wondered how fashion could answer to its history and present hand in slave labor and environmental disregard, if you ever felt alienated by monochromatic palettes, tailored shift silhouettes, and trend books conceived scientifically but without a notion of soul, this world is for you.

(Photo Cred: Kat Soutar)

While I oscillate between the business-minded "we" to refer to the behind the scenes work I do, I am writing this post to let you know that WE are together in the imaginative creation of this world.

Whether via social media or in person, I write to reassure you that you have been given the keys to the city of ReciclaGEM with the opportunity to help craft a world where fashion is a prominent, self-reflexive, and dynamic vehicle for social balance, image activism, environment justice, peace and love.
(Photo Cred: Kyra Frierson)
Each collection, post, encounter, and interaction reflect a chiseling away at a vision of what recycled fashion, culturally inclusive fashion, cruelty free fashion, and people and earth conscious fashion can do to add to the creation of more beauty and harmony in this world.
(Photo Cred: Stephen Elliot, Mud Productions)

With that, I will see you breakfast,

Peace, love, and collectivity,

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