26 November 2013

And today's a great time to shop: FAIR TUESDAY!

Bom dia! Happy Tuesday!

Today is the newly inaugurated "Fair Tuesday," a day to combat the Black Friday and Cyber Monday craze of pre holiday (sweat)shopping, a day to give special honor to the companies whose products support craftsmanship in the form of fair wages, ethical work conditions, and people and earth conscious a materials, a day that honors consumers by highlighting products that allow you to create an intimate relationship with the products maker.

And we at ReciclaGEM cosign!!! :)

For more information, check out: fairtuesday.org.


And there's having a Pinterest.com competition, ending tomorrow!

If you're gonna shop, let's give the gift of giving to all.

We are (human) family!

Peace, love, and good holiday cheer,

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