10 November 2013

New Creative Partnership with Tejer Las Américas!

Boa noite my dear readers!

I write this email to inform you of an incredible partnership and collaboration. Remember when I first started the blog, I mentioned that I would dedicate this project to organizing fashion shows and collections throughout the Americas, in an attempt to weave together our beautiful hemispheric diversity through recycled fashion?

Well, while facilitating the fashion-gender-politics workshops in Los Angeles, I met the wonderful Justine Massey, creative and mastermind behind "Tejer Las Américas," where she will be doing just that- traveling throughout every beautiful country of our hemisphere connecting artists and creatives of all flavors (including fashion!) in a beautiful tapestry of partnership and connection. These connections will manifest themselves through the creation of a mural in each city, modeled after an amazing geometric tessellation (fashion line threeASFOUR does this!) of hands joining together as well as an image unique to each city.

And thus ReciclaGEM-theMovement has been invited as creative liaison! While based in New York, we will nonetheless be using the tools of the internet, skype, and digital media to create collaborative fashion shoots, collections inspired by Tejer Las Américas' murals,  connecting artists remotely to the project, and when in the same cities, partnership on fashion shoots in person!
It's amazing how serendipity brought us together and how through art, we shall weave literally and figuratively a beautiful web of connections and artwork representative of the beautiful hemispheric diversity that is America, the beautiful.

We are funding for a van to assist with travels. Being at a critical point in funding for the campaign, join us in bringing this project to life!

As a bonus for supporting the project, you can opt for some beautifully crafted, geometrically intriguing, woven jewelry crafted by the designer Justine Massey herself (artisan-made GEMs yes!) or even have the opportunity to partner with the project onsite in one of the cities!

Synergy, Collectivity, and Let's Tejer Las Américas!


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