19 January 2014

Feeling Good on the Outside Starts from Within

Bom dia readers! Happy New Year! Happy New Beginnings!

So this shall be my first entry of the year. A lot has happened for me this past year, as I'm sure a lot has happened for you. Alongside what I have already shared on the blog and on facebook, some highlights were:

-In January, I had the opportunity to participate in a body paint performance art action with Desvio Coletivo at the Hemispheric Institute's Encuentro in São Paulo called "Segundo Pele" or "Second Skin," where our bodies became art pieces inspired by social justice ideals.


-In February, I connected with the fabulous Gallatin fashion show MusiCouture team, where kinetic models embodied my Amoeba Psychedelic collection and brought to life a collection inspired by Psychedelic imagination and counter-hegemony.

-In March, I officially became a Brooklyn resident as well as resident designer at the Brooklyn Fashion League, a wonderful community of indie designers in Park Slope dedicated to sustainable and locally made design..

-In April, showcased at the Beau Monde Society's first Fashion Envie and went to Canada for the first time to attend Fashion Art Toronto and interview artists like Johannes Zits!

-In July, the Paris adventures.

>In August, Sin Maíz No Hay Vida in Chiapas.

-In September, Fashion Week with Fair Fashion Runway!

-In October, Gender Play and Embodiment in Los Angeles!

-In December, ReciclaGEM was featured in amazing ethical publications, Australia's Peppermint Magazine and Japan's Ethical Fashion Japan. Additionally, I chopped my hair, began my "Golden Year," and have dedicated to these forthcoming moons and years to communicating my authentic voice, self love, living my purpose, and resolving the emotional blockages that may separating me from God.

My thoughts on all this? Irrespective of what we wear or what we do on the outside, it is what we look like in our minds and in our hearts, what we look like within that will sustain us.

Ethical fashion is conscious, life-affirming fashion that begins from within.

I found this conversation between Dr. Phil and Oprah to be helpful advice. If you need a translation, write a message in the "comment" section below.
Peace love and ethical fashion from the inside out,

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