22 January 2014

Gloss: The Biomimicry of Fast Fashion

(Image credit: chicintuition.com)
I had a bit of an ironic epiphany the other day:
  • Most fast fashion textiles are...shiny.
  • Most fast fashion retailers invest in looking "shiny"
  •  Most synthetic fabrics and toxic finishes are..what?..shiny.
  •  Most "luxury" and signs of social mobility are represented as being...shiny.

We are overwhelmingly attracted to them...why?...because of their biomimicry or resemblance to WATER.

This musing emerged while reading Eric Jaffe's Fast Company article, "An Evolutionary Theory for Why You Love Glossy Things." In essence, being able to spot the scintillating shine of a water source in the distance, particularly during extreme famine and drought, would be key to our survival. So much so that as Vanessa Patrick of the University of Houston discovered, research subjects, particularly those subjected to thirst, overwhelmingly had a preference for shinier objects.

Do you, my dear reader, have an aesthetic preference for shiny things? Do you know why? Are you perhaps thirsty for something you don't even realize?

Have no fear because there are ways of enjoying the beauty of shiny, thirst quenching biomimicry through designs that are more gentle on the planet: supporting designs which incorporate the sheen of recycled materials, recycled shiny materials, recycled shiny anything that helps to reduce the amount of shiny trash that does not decompose properly from landing back into and filling our earth.

My upcoming collection, Bricolage, will attempt to embody this biomimicry sheen, less in the aesthetics of Forever 21 and more in the aesthetics of Waterworld (1995), a super campy but earthy film I've loved since childhood. The sheen will resonate from the natural sheen of earth fibers/dyes and recycled metals. I love water, I love shine, but I want my shine to resonate with the earth, like it did when that glossy, shiny light in the distance truly was a life sustaining gift from the earth.

Let's co-create some shine to give back to the planet that's been flossin' life since the beginning of time.

My Planet Earth is poppin'!

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