14 March 2014

Bricolage + Post Apocalyptic Sustainable Living

Bom dia, boa noite, greetings from Melbourne Australia,

Not sure which time zone you are in (I'm about 16 hours ahead of New York), but whatever time it is, I hope that it is beautiful!

Before I blog about- HOW? WHEN? WHY? WHAT? I'm doing here in Melbourne, Australia, literally the other side of the planet from where ReciclaGEM has been based, let me debrief you all on how our first presentation of "Bricolage" went down.

It is Friday February 28th, and after the amazing photo shoot that was the River Revista's first fashion editorial for its inaugural issue, a series of pre-travel doctor's appointments, and the anxiety of knowing that I had to catch a plane taking me on the longest flight of my life (20+ hours) and move out of my apartment at the same time (we're taking ReciclaGEM on the road!), I had a collection to finish.

The process of creating the collection was as apocalyptic as the animated world that inspired it.

The overwhelm of life, time, health fluctuations, relationships ebbs, and life flows become the very things we consume in the path towards both getting in touch with the earth and others and getting in touch with the dreams nestled with the peace of our minds.

Like all artists these were things that weighed on me as I rushed to the Gallatin Fashion Show, quilted garments in tow, safety pins in need, models to fit, and an audience of fashion aficionados and peers to impress.

And then the words of Mutu's planetary protagonists began to make sense....

"I never meant to leave"

" I needed to escape"

"And now it's so far"

"Who knows where"

"It's been like this for a very long time"

"It follows me, and I them"
"We've always been"



 "...and together"

What if "The End of eating Everything," the end of consuming all of life's anxieties, throws, and the waste that results from our dealings with these things, is the beginning of becoming confident, reclaiming what we have already used and rebuilding new bodies that are so bold we have no choice but to embrace and honor everything within and around them. 

Perhaps the path to a truly sustainable commitment to "ethical" living emerges through picking up the pieces of our own life so that we can begin to see the glorious world covered by the shards. 

I have not blogged for a few days now because I have been picking up the pieces of my own life in an effort to more clearly and sustainably commit myself to the ethics of living. 

The creation of Bricolage helped me to get past The End of eating Everything within my energetic reserves and Begin the journey towards slow, thoughtful living that is sustainable and self sustained. 

A Professor in the U.S. once told me that she believes we are already in the Post-Apocalypse. But perhaps the forest fire is what we need to begin a sustainable Bright New Day. 

The Future Present is Bright,

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