26 July 2014

Beautiful People: Krystalla Pearce

(Krystalla Pearce wears smock and shorts by STATE, neckace by Marlandia, scarf by ReciclaGEM, and her own retro shoes.) Photo by Austin Phelps

Krystalla Pearce is a performance artist with a M.A. degree from NYU Tisch Performance Studies and many moons of experience as an avid traveler, marathon runner, and a member of the Australian Permanent Mission of the United Nations. Her performance work has explored themes ranging from food politics and excess to affect, family and ancestry. She is a frequent collaborator of another Beautiful Person, Tessa Allen. Together, Tessa and Krystalla form the performance duo, PAKT. Here are some clips from her most recent performances, Alas, Ajax, Alas, and Food, both of which feature Tessa as well.

Current Projects

Krystalla is currently in New Dehli, India,  facilitating youth workshops, pursuing contemporary dance and lecturing at the National School of Drama!

Krystalla's Relationship to Brazil 

I come from Australia and have never been to Brazil but I believe that there are many links between Brazilians and Australians and I feel a connection with pretty much all the Brazilians I meet. Our countries are physically in line with one another (there's just a huge ocean in between), we have similar climates and the same seasons. My family comes from Greece and Scotland and my hometown of Melbourne is very multicultural and like Brazil, it celebrates all of the different food, music, art and culture that makes it such a wonderful place. I modeled for this shoot because I am now an artist in New York and I am slowly becoming part of a similarly culturally rich community of people from all around the world that celebrates and learns from each others differences.

Krystalla's Relationship to ReciclaGEM

Krystalla had graciously modeled in our Spring 2014 Collection fashion show, Sin MaĆ­z No Hay Vida last September 2014, and has also given us the amazing opportunity to design her wedding dress! 

Krystalla Pearce is a Beautiful Person to watch. 


Thank you, Krystalla, for your beauty, artistry, talent and grace! You make our world better,


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